Monday, February 29, 2016

Monkey Business

Naksa Pamili! Hey thanks for the emails as always, This week has been really great. We have had a hard time baptizing this month. We only had two, so it was kind of slow. This week we hope that an investigator that we have had over the last nine months might be baptized. If he does it  will be so great. Nine months of going to church, its about time.
As you can see from the photos, we found a monkey in our area in a place called Los Angeles. It was really nice, and ate some mango from my comps hand. 

Crazy story that happened here. We were visiting some less actives this week, and we ran into an older man who is from the communities that surround Puerto. He told us that his son had made a pact with the devil and had gone crazy. When he invited us we, we found his son was like 30
years old and his hands and feet were tied so he could not escape. He was just chilling sitting in a hammock and talking a bunch of nonsense. We had a prayer with the father and son, and left  them to their business.

A family of inactives that we have been teaching went to church again, so we are really happy for that. The food was so good, probably the best I have had in Nicaragua. It was interesting  how they cook so well even though its so hard to find food here. 

This morning we woke up at 4:30 to go see the sunrise over the ocean. It was pretty, but the biggest cloud in the sky was right in front of where the sun arose. We went with two of our friends Elder Campbell from Alabama, and Elder CedeƱo from Costa Rica. Hope you like the photos. 

That's all happening here in Puerto, thanks for the emails, love you guys! 

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