Monday, February 22, 2016

Mas de Puerto

Hey family, how is it all going? I am really sorry if my emails are very repetitive. There is really not much new stuff going on here. We have had quite a time trying to baptize this month, but we have only had two. We are going to be working really hard this week to baptize, I really hope we can. Sometimes it just feels like no one want to listen to our message, but I know there are more out there.

This week we did divisions with my District leader and his companion. I went with the companion Elder Uribe from Dominican Republic, and Torres went with elder Walker from Alabama. It was good, we visited a lot of our recent converts and stuff. Then in the morning we made pancakes on our electric stove.

My comp caught a lizard running around in our area. It was a bigger one than what we usually see. I attached a photo of it along with a bunch of Nica kids. The other photo is part of our area. It is a marsh, so no one builds on it.

I completed 17 months on the 17 this month. I feel really old in the mission now which is great. I have not met a new missionary in the field since we came here.

On Friday we had noche de hermanaiento at the church. We watched the movie a labor of love about missionary work and the effect it can have on the people in their lives. It is really cool considering that every member here is a recent convert! My meskito is getting better, I can now hold somewhat of a conversation
with the people, but only if we talk about baptism, food, where your going, and simple stuff like that.

Today it rained hard in the morning, the power has gone out about 4 times today, a bit more than usual. We went to cut our hair and ate at membreƱos again. All is cool. Sorry I don't have more to write you guys. I am so grateful for your emails, and hope all is well at home. Thanks for the photos as well. You all look really  old. Kaiki Was! Yang mai latwan Kaikisna! That you go well and that I love you!

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