Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Buenas de Leon!

Thanks everyone for sending your great emails this week and for all of your love and support! This week has been one of the best in my mission for sure.

 I was really nervous to be sent to Leon, I heard it was really hot and harder to baptize, but the people here are so friendly, and it is really not to much hotter here than Puerto was. We left the airport in Puerto at around 12 oclock and got to managua around 1 oclock. Then the secretaries sent picked us up and we got the rest of our luggage that was waiting in the office, and they sent me off alone to Leon. Yeah, the church has a new policy on transfering missionaries, so I just went alone on the bus for a few hours, and when I got there around 8 at night, I was alone at the bustop. So I took a taxi to the church and got hold of a member to call the missionaries. It was quite a fun experience.

I then went to my new area, or areas, we are currently working in two areas called la paz centro, and la Posada. I was so excited to find out that my companion is Elder Sirrine from Arizona. We were friends back in Managua, so it was really cool to see him again, and I am really excited
that he is my comp. Elder Sirrine has about the same time as I do in the mission, and is really fun to be around.

La paz Centro is kind of like an old spanish pueblo, but with cars and electricity. La Posada in Leon is a little bit more busier. There are tons of really big cathiderals here by our area. This area is really rich compared to what we saw in Puerto. Lots of gringos walking around, the other day we contacted a guy from Canada. Its really touristy here. I like it a lot, we have running water, and the power never goes out, so its a big blessing.

We have a couple of really cool invewstigators from both areas. We did not have time to visit a lot of people from paz centro this week, so only a few came all the way from there to leon for conference. It is about 45 minutes between our two areas. President told us to focus on our area here in Leon, but to still visit theose who are progressing there in Paz Centro.

Sorry I dont have my camera, I left it back in the house on accident in La paz centro, I promise i'll send photos next week. Love you guys so much.

I got to watch conference this weekend in English! Its a stake here in Leon, so the church is really developed. Afterward, our lunch lady made food for the missionaries and a bunch of other families. The members here are really hard working and helpful. Its really different in that way from Puerto. I think it is because Leon has had the missionaries for a longer time.

Love you guys, have a great week!

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