Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Well familia, I am super alegre (happy) to see that home is a blast. Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me and for the letters you send every week. I seen that the stake is doing a newspaper about local Peterson business. Its cool to see all the great stuff happening. They made a mistake though, it said that I was ZL in Leon which is not true. lol. It is great though to hear about the other missionaries though. Even after knowing them for a year, the members in Peterson are sure great people. 

Leon has been so good these two weeks. I cant believe how organized it is here, and how much member help there is. This Sunday the only thing I had to do was pass the sacrament. We did not even have to teach in Sunday School or anything.  Our lunch appointment named Michael and Celen are super fun and helpful in the work. They were baptized when they were kids and then got married when older. Whats really funny is their siblings also got married to each other. So its two brothers that married two sisters. Their dad is the councilor of the ward. Ill have to take a photo with them to send to you guys.

This week we went to a place called MomoTombo. Which is a really big volcano that is situated on the side of Lake Managua. The lake actually looked really nice on this side, and there were people fishing there as well. The sun was really strong and we got burnt a little bit, but were fine. We went to help a guy get baptized. The church is really new there so they congregate in the old house of the Stake President. The baptismal font was a giant metal box filled to the brim. The stake president baptized him, really cool that he came all the way from Leon to help his friend get baptized. He then took us back to Leon in his truck.... Thank goodness, we did not want to go on those hot buses again for an hour and a half!

Today we just  hung out, and went and ate at a burger joint. It funny how much stuff here is in English, there are a lot of Tourists and such. We are teaching a guy named Freddy who has lived in Miami, Germany, and Nicaragua all before the age of 21! He speaks fluent English, Spanish, and German.

This Sunday was fast Sunday, I don't think I have ever been so thirsty in my life. Puerto is cool compared to here, so it was pretty hard. I think we seen some blessing for it though, there's a member here who is pretty sick, so we fasted for him. He seems to be doing better now.

Last night we ate dinner with the councilor in the stake presidency. His wife made us pancakes for dinner, they were excellent.

We have been teaching lots of great people this week. Love you guys, have a great week.  

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