Monday, April 25, 2016

Poneloya- mar a mar

This week was another really great one. Our area is doing alright, we are looking hard to find people to baptise this week. There are some really cool people that are progressing and we hope will get baptized soon. Our area is called La Posada, or the Inn in English. It is really really big, so we sure get our exercise in walking. It also really dusty in parts, so a shoe brush is essential  everyday after work. A horse died on the side of the road in the area and started to stink pretty bad, luckily some guys threw a bunch of tires on it and burned it away. Funny stuff. 

  We did divisions with two missionaries from a place called Poneloya, a really cool beach touristy town about 30 minutes out from Leon. The beaches there were so good, soft sand, and not to much trash. Completely opposite from Puerto. I worked with Elder Familia from Dominican Republic. It was really hot, I got sunburned.... again. Its a really strange place. Reminded me of a ghost town because there arn't a lot of people like in my area. If you went to Nicaragua, i would definitely recommend Poneloya. 

  We also had interviews with President Collado, and a training workshop with the AP's and Sister Collado. I felt like I learned a lot on how I can teach better and be more organized. Even though I have a lot of time in the mission now, I know I can improve a lot. The workshop went long, so we didn't end up finishing until 8 at night so it took up most of the day. 

Last week a leak sprang up from the faucet heads in our house. It was a cheap one made of pvc pipe. I tried to twist it to tighten it, and the head broke off. Elder Sirrine tried to plug it with a plastic bag and totally soaked himself in his missionary clothes. I to the front door to ask a neighbor how to stop the water. We found the head valve and turned it off. Today I spent a time sawing off the broken part, and using pvc glue to put the new one on. Hope it worked, we will see today when we get home.

  Don't know if you guys heard it on the news, but the pyrotechnic factory blew up really close to our area. We were walking Saturday morning and started to hear a few explosions in the distance. Then all of a sudden the fourth explosion really sounded like a volcano or something. The earth rumbled. We ran to the highway and could see the giant smoke cloud rising above the city. You could smell the black powder as well.

      That's all of the exciting things that happened this week. Any time on mother's day after 4pm should be good for us to skype. What time would work best for you guys?

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