Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ruben Dario

Ruben Dario is probably the most famous person to have ever lived in Nicaragua, but due to his fame in Spanish literary poems, I am almost sure you have never heard of him. Ruben Dario is also the name of the neighborhood where we do 90 percent of our work. It a massive square divided into smaller squares. Lots of cement houses and shacks made of metal plating and plastic.

We had an awesome reference this week with a family of four. The dad is not quite as positive, but the rest of the family is so great. They were even going to come to church, but the dad got home late and they did not have anyone to take care of the house, so they didn't come.... Bummer. 

Anyway we also have another investigator who hauls stuff around the neighborhood using his horse. They sure get a lot of use out of them, always pulling them around the streets with their little wagons. 

This week I did divisions with my zone leaders to their area closer to the center of Leon. It made me pretty homesick because we walked in the woods for a while, and the river there wasn't polluted like usually. The land is really dry right now, the wet season doesn't start for another month, but its already looking a bit more cloudier. There was also a pool that people made in the middle of the woods fed by the river, I don't think I would ever swim in it, but it would sure be a great way to ditch this heat. 

My faucet works fine, no leakage. Nothing else has broken since. We got an electric stove this week, so glad that we can cook stuff know. Not that we need to cook much, the members are so friendly here, we get a ton of food all of the time.

We also went to Ponoloya, me ZL and I went to Ponoloya again to do a baptismal interview. Its always really cool there. We met a couple from France, and another guy named Pablo from Spain. All the tourists here are really eccentric, usually around 25-35 years old, if it's a guy he is sure to have a beard, and usually looks like he could be from Australia or the California beach. Really funny. Today we met a guy named Patrick in the grocery story from California. He thought Mormons were rich because of his trip to temple square. haha

Thanks for all of the letters and everything. I love you guys so much!

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