Monday, August 8, 2016


Querido Amado Familia. 

            I cant tell you how happy all of your emails make me! Davis sent me a bunch of video clips from back home, and I cant lie, it sure makes me excited to come back. It feels almost like a dream, something that when I started felt like it would never end. Only five weeks left now. Cant wait to see you guys!.

     This week I went to Managua to pick up my new trainee missionary! It was a really long ride all the way from Corinto to Managua. I stayed with Elder Mejia from Spain and we left at three thirty in the morning to get to Managua at 9. We thankfully arrived on time, and all was well. We then had a four trainers meeting before we got to know our comps. Then we joined the two groups of trainers and trainees together and received the new missionaries. My comps is Elder Hendrix from Georgia. Hes a really nice guy who loves martial arts and has a southern accent. After the meeting a few buses took us back to the bus terminal and we took the 4 hour bus ride back to Chinandega. Before we got to Corinto the buses had ended so we stayed the night with the zone leaders. They didn't have a lot of fans so we slept  outside on some mattresses, only to wake up to a huge thunder storm that got me a little soaked! And lightning that made the car alarms go off.  We left to Corinto the following morning and all was well.  had a great week together.

     Our investigator Stalin (Whos Latino and Russian hence the name) Got baptized this week! He is such a great kid. His baptism was also on his 13 birthday, so we had a party afterward. His grandpa is a member of the high council in Managua, so he came to do the baptism and the confirmation. It was a really great experience. Hes really excited to get the priesthood this week as well. 

   Joselyn who we baptized a few weeks ago is moving to New York today to live with her parents. First shes going to Salvador, then from There to New York. Sad thing to see the converts take off so fast.. 

All else is really great here. Yesterday was a scorcher, i`d say the hottest its been yet in Corinto. Hopefully we`ll get some cool weather soon. 

 Love you all so much and  cant wait to see you soon.


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