Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hey fam, thanks for all the great news that you have written, glad to hear that home is still home and not to much has changed... I hope. 

   This week was really great. We have been working with a bunch of people for a while and this week we worked really hard to put baptismal dates in the weeks coming. Most of them accepted a date, but are quite nervous about the goal. An experience that was really cool this week was we taught a lesson to an investigator her sister that is a member. We talked about if she believes if the book of Mormon is true, and if the church is true and if she feels like she needs to be baptized. The spirit was so strong that she started to cry, and put the baptismal date for the third of September. I am really excited to see this investigator to get baptized, because she reads above and beyond what we leave her in the book of Mormon.

    The weather has been really hot this week. We got rain at the beginning of this week, but just hot heat afterward. It always looks like rain is coming, but the clouds just seem to navigate around Corinto, leaving us with plenty of sunshine. That's ok though, a little sun don't hurt. 

  This week Stalin our convert received the priesthood, his mom even invited us to lunch on Saturday. She normally sells something called bough on Saturday, which is beef, yucca, and cooked bananas. It was really good. She gave us so much though that I could not finish it all. 

    We had quite a miracle as well. At the beginning of this week, a member who runs a tricycle for a living stopped us to have us say a prayer for his cousin who was in the hospital. Then later that week we were looking for a guy who showed up to church with a member. This guy just so happened to be the uncle of the girl who went to the hospital, and the night we got to his house the girl just got back from the hospital. Small world in Corinto. This family has once been really associated with missionaries, so hopefully they will progress. 

That's all for this week. The photo here is of us two at the end of this giant rock spine that goes out into the ocean. The other is with an English professor at church.

 Love you guys all so much, have a great week!  

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