Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tres semanas mas!

Hello Utah! Its been a great week, lots of sun and even a bit of rain. I'm really sorry if my emails are sounding the same, but really every week is really much like the last. The biggest milestones are the baptisms though. Unfortunately we have not baptized these last two weeks, but we have some really cool investigators coming up. Some that we have been working with for a while.

 Elder Hendrix is doing well, learning more and more Spanish everyday. Its been so fun talking in English these weeks, even though i know I'm going to miss speaking in Spanish when I get home. Its really ironic, when you get to the mission you want to speak in English because you cant speak Spanish, but when you are finishing you love to speak it and then you get sent home, where you cant anymore. Bittersweet. 

  I want to talk to you guys about how great our lunch appointment is. You have already heard about them (The ones that had to move their house when the ocean rose). Last week they made us some Nica cake (Torta) as a special gift. They are so considerate to us, it feels like we are living in our own home. The members here are the best. Only thing though, they make me feel really trunky when they are watching the Olympics, the other day they had the diving and volleyball on in there house. The mother also washes our clothes, and sometimes we get get extra garments from the family, haha. I cant wait for you guys to meet them, the dad speaks a little English, he is hilarious. 

 Any way, we also have an investigator named Sara who is super awesome! She reads a ton and owns a cafetin. Well have to step by when you come and try it out! We hope that she will be getting baptized in the weeks that come.

   Those photos of Elder Monsons homecoming were cool, seeing all the people back together again. We all served in Puerto together which is really cool. I'm glad that it all went well. 

Today we went to the plaza in Chinandega to eat, and I ran into my old friend elder CedeƱo who started his mission here in Corinto and now is in another part of Chinandega. We had pizza and had a good chat about the mission. Elder Hendrix got sick and his eyes are swollen so he wears sun glasses everywhere he goes! Haha, man new people get sick always. Prepared to get sick! Just kidding, just got to make sure you stay away from anything questionable food that is.

      Love you all tons and see you soon! 

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