Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bien Venidos De Mexico

Hey Familia
                             Thank you for all the emails you have sent me. That is what makes P day the best day of the week. It is so awesome to hear from you all every week. Sometimes I do get a little home sick and it is great to hear what is happening back home. 

                              Today was probably the best day of my mission so far. Today we got to visit the Mexico City temple grounds. We could not go in because of cleaning or renovation, I am not
really sure. The drive there was very crazy. There is so many things in Mexico city that if I was by myself I would instantly be lost. There are so many police, we see one on almost every street. The cars do not obey traffic laws, and motorcycles go wherever they want. The houses are small, colorful, and look very dirty. Nearby the ccm is a block of houses on a side of a mountain! I cannot believe how steep the roads are on the mountain! You would think that they would wind up the steep parts like they do in Bountiful, But not here, they just go straight up! It was really nice to get to the temple and go through the tour. I was very surprised how nice the visitors center was and how few people besides the missionaries were there. What was really crazy that was after our tour, we began to walk around the visitors center, and I ran into Elder Austin Walker! He told me that he and his fellow companions missed their flight the night before, so they spent the night at the temple grounds. It was such a funny coincidence to see him there. We talked for a while and he said he was doing good. I think they had a hard time, because they were stuck in Mexico City by themselves for a time. And then to make my day even better, I got to come back and read emails from you guys.

                         Everything else is great here at the MTC. I am really tired of being stuck here and cant wait for Nicaragua. Even though it is such a spiritual place here, I have to agree with what  Elder Cooley said about this being a spiritual prison. I think about you guys all the time. It feels like I have been here for more than just one month. The night are getting colder here, I can see my breath in the mornings, but im sure it is not as cold as Morgan. Elder Anderson of the twelve is going to come this weekend. It will be really awesome to see him and I have heard that after he speaks he will greet every missionary personally. We have a devotional every Tuesday and Sunday, but they are usually recordings or members of the seventy. In one of our devotionals, we listened to a recording of Elder Holland. In his talk, he said something about a director sitting in the audience named Steve Allen. I was not sure if he was talking about our Steve
Allen, but you will have to talk with him and ask him. Nothing else out of the ordinary. We have gym every day, and usually study for the rest of it. We did service on Monday which consisted of scrubbing bathrooms in the casas where missionaries stay. I see a lot of missionaries from
my school which is really nice One of them is Elder Gardner who was good frineds with Elder Bickley and Elder Cooley.

                        All the natives are so great. Our friends Elder Diaz and some others who are our natives just left yesterday, because they only have to stay for two weeks. It was hard to come to know them and see them leave so soon. We would joke around together and were beginning to be pretty good friends. Half the time when a native sees my name they bring up something about super man. Other missionaries come and go all the time, but it is usually only when
they leave from our zone when we care about it. It is sad to see all of our friends leaving. There are a lot more people leaving than coming in the CCM. We use to have four districts in our zone at the start and now we are down to two with one leaving next week. 

                      Hey Davis, Glad to hear life is good. Good job in soccer and school. Mexico is great, we went to the temple today and it was really fin. Mexico is absolutely crazy! There are cops everywhere and so much to see. Thanks for the email.

                      Mom, thanks for the email. I don't think I am going to be able to get the package to Elder Bickley, I have not met any missionaries going to that mission. By the way Jodi Bickley
sent me mail and it was really great to read even though it was hard to understand, tell her thanks if you can. The card reader never arrived, but I might be able to buy one in Nicaragua sometime. Thanks for all you do for me.

                     Dad, thanks for your advise, I will be sure to make use of it. I am glad that the garden turned out so well and good luck on the Pond.

                     Ike, I miss you a lot and hope you are doing well; sharing a tiny bathroom with three others makes me appreciate home  and that sharing our bathroom was not that bad.

             I love you all so much. 
                              Elder Sam Clark

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