Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Final Week in Mexico

Hey familia, its great to hear from you and to hear that you had a great time at the cabin. Thanks for all the letters, they are the best part of the week.
                  The CCM is still great, I cant believe how fast the days are flying by. Next week we are leaving to Nicaragua on Tuesday the 28th. Our bus will be leaving bright and early at 2:30 AM! We will fly out of Mexico City at 5:30, to El Salvador, then from El Salvador to Nicaragua. I was really hopping we would leave at a regular time of the day like some of the other  missionaries, but at least we are leaving. The CCM is a wonderful place, but it is time to go somewhere new.
                Last Saturday was amazing! Elder Anderson of the twelve came and spoke to all the missionaries. At first when I seen him, he seemed pretty much like an average guy, but when I shook his hand I could feel his love for the church and for all of us missionaries. He was so kind to everyone there, and was so at ease speaking. He spoke of missionary work and of his mission. He told of how in his mission, he was never the best missionary, or was never the Assistant to the President or anything like that, but he did his best and that was all that mattered. I have a new found respect for the apostles.  Even though they probably have the busiest lives on earth, he still took his time to come to Mexico city to speak with us.
                     Mexico is so noisy! I think there was a Holiday or something, because there were more fireworks going of than usual. A Few days ago, some people in the City decided to let of super loud rocket fireworks at four in the morning. It is so funny, because the fire works go off so often that no one even cares anymore.
                 On Monday we put together missionary kits for incoming missionaries that contained the pamphlets that they would use on their missions. As we were setting these together, the elevator broke down while half of my district was in there. This elevator was not like the ones in America, It was all yellow, seats about four people to be comfortable, and looks like something that would be in a submarine. Luckily they were only stuck in there for 45 minutes.
                         On most days we have gym where my friend and I Elder Hacking Play Ping Pong for an hour. It is really fun to be able to do at least something from my former life. The problem
is, there are so many missionaries here that want to play, and we only have two tables. When I cant play ping pong, we usually play volleyball.
               Its really hard to remember what I have already told you, because every day is so much like the one before. Besides for going to the temple, I could not really tell you one day from  another past a week ago.
                   All the people in our district are fine. A lot of other districts have had people go home, but none in our have. Contention between missionaries occasionally happens, but for the most part everyone gets along pretty well.
                    I have not had any problems with the food, it is all very well prepared even if it sometimes lacks flavor. Some people have been getting diarrhea, but i have been fine. I don't need my water purifier here, because all the water here form the sinks comes from a special well just for the MTC. This water tastes really bad, but is safe. For drinking water, the CCM brings in big jugs of water and places them throughout the CCM, so I can get pure water whenever I want. 

They gave us water filtration bottles, the exact same one I already have, so now I am double prepared! They said that one filter will last a year, and now I have four so I will be in good shape! Only those going to a foreign mission get water bottles.

                 There are a lot more people here going back to the states. I would say about 75 percent of the people are going back. I think most foreign missions go to other MTC´s.
                  I don't think I will be able to call from the airport, I have heard that the MTC president has said that we are not suppose to. I would love to call you, but I really don't want to break my
mission rules. If not, I will be able to face time you guys in December.

                 My Spanish has grown a lot. I can now have a descent conversation with the natives as long as it concerns the Gospel. If it concerns anything about regular life I am pretty limited. 

                 I feel like I have learned a ton here. Not only about the gospel and Spanish, but how to teach, patience, and how to love everyone. I have learned that those who may seem unlikable and unfriendly can become some of your greatest friends. It is so weird here, because most of the time I wish I was doing something fun like playing ping pong instead of studying, and I would not say that most things we do are fun, but it makes me very happy anyways.
There is nothing else I can think of to share. Dad, good luck hunting, I hope you have a good time, but be safe! Glad You are all doing well. I love you guys so much and miss you all.

                  Elder Samuel Clark

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