Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tons of Baptisms!

This week has been really good, the zone broke a record for baptisms this week. This month Püerto Cabezas has baptized 64 people which broke the old record of 52 in one month that was set last year! I am going to send a picture of the bunch that was baptized this week. My comp and i were able to baptize one of the little kids named Junior this week. It is pretty crazy that we baptize so many here in Puerto. Most missions have the problem that they dont baptize when we baptize every month for sure. I feel like sometimes missionaries just baptize people to get the number like a grade, or baptize only because they are pressured to and have to find someone. It just reminds me that every mission has a different way to do the work. 

     We also found some other cool families here! Due to the Marava church, German influence is heavy withing this area. We have to families both with the last name Hitler! They are both looking really positive, because they both want to be baptized. We will see how that goes this week.

 President Nelson came to Managua and we got to skype to see his broadcast. It was really blurry and hard to hear, but also really cool to see the presdient of the twelve. Than we ordered pancakes from the nearby hotel to eat. Then last night he did a meeting in managua last night, and he taqlked a lot about medical stuff and related it to the gospel. It was really cool how simple he tought, but with how much meaning he had behind his words.

Well, thats all for this week, love you guys a ton, and hope that all is great at home!

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