Thursday, September 24, 2015

One Year Down

Well, completed a year this week. It was great. We made pancakes to celebrate and they were delicious. It has been really rainey this week, some good ones came through. 

 Francisco got the priesthood yesterday which was great, and was really happy about it. He is a shy dude, but is always really happy and wants to do whats right. Another great thing that happened was the church attendance. As you remember the rainstorm came last week so the attendance was only 32. But, every must have felt bad for not going last week and the attendance was 105 this week! What a jump. Anyways, Puerto has been growing really well, with an attendance of 780 this week in the whole town and the church has about 10 years here. That is progress! 

My comp found a tarantula crawling up his leg in our bathroom while taking a shower this week. It was super grande.

We baptised a nino this week named Becker this week. He was a jaron, or to say that he probably will not be the most reliable convert, but we put a goal for his family to reactivate 3 weeks ago and for him to be baptized, but turned out that only he went to church. We then bought him some new flip flops to congratulate him.

Right now a huge rain storm is flooding the streets outside. The power already turned off once here. 

This week we are going to try to invite lots of people to be baptized. Hope that we can find them! Thanks for all the support you have given me over the past year, love you guys!

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