Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clima Loca

  Hey Family, thanks for all your emails, I hope that all of you are doing very well and that you are grateful for the cold weather that is coming in.

  This week was really great with Elder Accordino, we had a family baptized this week! they were all ready to be baptized and married this week, when bad news came in. Our lawyers were caught in Managua for the night because of plane problems. We though we would have to delay the marriage and baptism for the next week, but miraculously we found a lawyer at the last minute. They were able to marry and be baptized this Saturday. 

  Then disaster struck again the next morning! A huge storm came in that night and i have only seen it rain that hard one time before in Managua! There were rivers going everywhere and everything was flooded! We were soaked to the bone, but luckily I had a water proof bag, so my scriptures did not ruin. We passed by all of our investigators and members, but almost nobody went to church this week. We had an attendance of 32, which is an all time low. So sad. But... The two that were baptized and married c
ame to church and were confirmed. It was a miracle.    

  This week we also found some lovely neighbors living under our front porch. One night we came back to hear a bunch of snorting and grunting under the porch. We found that it was a huge old pig that had just given birth in the last few days with a bunch of piglets! they were super tiny.

Today we went to the beach again just to hang out for an hour. Today is independence day, so tonight will be crazy. Hope you enjoy these photos. They are of some of my best friends in the mission. My comp in  the pink elder Accordino from Saint George, Elder Shirlee the radish hair from Boise. And Elder Chen my District leader. We all eat lunch together everyday before working, it is great. 

Love you guys, stay safe!

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