Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hey Family!

Hola Familia! Sorry I could not send you a very long email last week, the internet went out in all of Puerto last week and we could not email very long when it came back on. 

 This week was really good. My new companion is from Saint George Utah named Elder Accordino. He is a total country boy and loves anything that has to do with trucks, planes, engines and all that kind of stuff. We did not baptize this week, which was a little disappointing, but we have one set for next week! A boy named Junior whos parents are menos activo wants to be baptized! Also good news is that Puerto Might break the record for the zone with the most baptisms this month! The old record was set last year at 52 baptisms for one zone, but this month Puerto might get 60! Que alegre!

I miss you all so much. It has felt like forever since I have seen you all. There are so many things I miss back home, but I can’t complain, Puerto really is the best. Here on the mission there are sure a lot of ups and downs. Especially when you are not having a lot of success in your area, but everyone else is. That is really hard. 

We are teaching a family that lives right by our house with the man named Kiko. He is a very nice guy who is looking to change is his around. He even went to church this week which was awesome! 

It’s still in the rainy season here, so rain showers pass be quite frequently. The mosquitos are getting really bad, but luckily we have mosquito nets, so I don’t have to worry about getting Chikanguya or Malaria quite as much. Malaria is starting to break out here I have heard, but the mosquitos really only get you in the night if you don’t have a mosquito net.

Today we played frisbee as a zone which was cool. A sister had her birthday today so some other missionaries threw eggs at her which is Central America tradition. I get burned so fast here, because the sun is so powerful here that after one hour I was turning a little pink. Afterward we went and ate some pizza at a small local joint named Pizza Johns. 

Elder Nelson is coming this week! All of Nicaragua except for Puerto gets to go see him! But that’s ok, I would really totally be here in Puerto than be in any other zone! This week we had a bonfire to welcome the three news that came into the zone, which is always good. My friend Elder Pilling from New Zealand was transferred out so that was a bummer. Due to its length from the other side of Nicaragua, only a few people are changed each six weeks, so we are all really good friends here in Puerto. It is a lot different than any other zone.

Well, that’s all i can think to say, I love you all so much and hope that you guys are good. Love you!

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